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Arrived at the airport. Snagged an EV spot for my Nissan Leaf.

Luckily the security entrance for my gate had no line, score!

Got a seat next to this Samsung charging station.



aDisplay has been updated with speakers, a power button and a slightly raised body.

The speakers were taken from a donor laptop. They aren’t as good as my Mac Book pro but they’ll do.  I was going to build an amplifier circuit but a little google searching I came across Boom a piece of software that lets you override the speaker/headphone limits, good buy for $7.

I also decided to rebuild the supports, reinforced the display hinges and put in motherboard risers so the board wasn’t sitting on the wood, hopefully that will help with heat dissipation.


Here’s the prototype of the aDisplay. Using a Dell UXGA (1920×1200) display.  I’ve got everything working except the full 1920×1200 resolution. Even with some major tweaking using SwitchResX I’ve only been able to get a good signal at 1900×1080. Hopefully I can get my extra pixels soon.  The casing is made out of wood and currently it gets very hot under the video controller. I’m using a laptops fan pad which cools it right down. I’m going to try a fan I pulled from a laptop to see if that’ll cool everything down. If that doesn’t work I may build a new case out of aluminum.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the video controller I bought doesn’t output audio or decode it. I’m currently looking at other controllers and HDMI pass through cards to process the audio.

I’m also looking into wireless HDMI transmitters, and 12v battery packs to make this device totally wireless.

 Here’s a photo of the assembly process. At one point I thought the whole thing was broken, but it turned out the LVDS cable to the LCD was just loose.

  The screen does fold down but it requires holding the hinge while pulling down on the display. I’ll be adding some more support around the hinges to make that a more stable.

 I’ll be working on the power button soon, I’m trying to use a old remote’s power button.

Eventually I’ll even create the outer boarder to close things up.


Presenting the aDisplay project. A device that will function as a laptop without an actual computer inside.


  • A powerful laptop is expensive.
  • I never unplug my laptop.
  • My 5 year old MacBook gets really hot.

The plan is to create a device that has a display, keyboard and a multi-touch pad to connect to a Mac that’s roughly the same size as a laptop. It will connect to a Mac by HDMI for video and bluetooth for keyboard and touch pad.  Future versions could include a battery and wireless HDMI.  The case will be a custom build, first in cardboard then in wood or aluminum. There should also be plenty of empty space, so I may add a storage box and an iphone holder into the mix.


  • Dell 15.4 UXGA (1920×1200) display – pulled from a laptop including case.
  • Pixelworks 338 Display controller card (HDMI to LVDS) – includes key pad for video control.
  • Apple wireless keyboard
  • Apple Magic Trackpad

Apparently the Sony Ericsson LiveView can’t survive a 4ft fall on to a concrete garage floor (lame). I think instead of ordering a new one I’ll wait for the I’m Watch coming out in the fall. It looks pretty interesting, it seems to be able to talk to smart phones and do it’s own thing on WiFi. We’ll see if it holds up to the hype.


After much googling and a lot of trial and error, I finally got the IPhone to connect to the Sony Ericsson Live View. I did this using BTStack and their rfComm sample code. Last weekend I was able to use Andrew de Quincey‘s and @fayep code to add twitter and facebook modules to the live view. Along with some sample code to say “Hi I’m facebook”. Next up trying to set the clock on the live view.


Just ordered a Sony Ericsson LiveView from amazon for $80.
The plan is to try and get the iPhone to talk to it. I have the 3gs model jailbroken.
I’m thinking of using the work Andrew de Quincey‘s used, with the code @fayep has done with GrowLView Mac OSX.
Then perhaps combine all that with Mobile Notifier.


Its a sad day for innovation. Looks like the Microsoft Courier project is dead. Also rumored to be dead before arrival is the HP Slate,though there are conflicting rumors on that. Hopefully the Notion Ink Adam is still in the works. I’m hoping that it will support the android app store.

The other day I stumbled on the pre-cursor to the Microsoft Courier (at least the software component). It is called InkSeine (pronounced like insane). I’m thinking about starting an Open Source project based on the Courier. If there are any designers, graphic artists, programmers, UI experts or anyone else who has interest in contributing to such a project, let me know.


I checked out the iPad a couple of weeks ago at Best Buy. It’s like they say: a big iPhone, minus the phone. The 3G version is coming out next week. Don’t be fooled. 3G still doesn’t mean its a phone. The best app on the iPad IMHO is the Marvel Comcis app, though I might be biased because I’ve been reading Marvel since I was a kid.

In other news, Gizmodo, one of my favorite blogs obtained a stolen found given er, um, somehow obtained, iPhone prototype. The big news is whether or not this is the next iPhone. It has a camera with a flash, a higher resolution screen and XX GB. No, really. It said XX GB on it. I’m guessing 32 and 64GB models.

And in other news, someone got Android running on the iPhone. How crazy/cool is that? Too bad its the original iPhone and version 4 is right around the corner.

Check out their site


Ok Who’s ready to help me turn my Chevy SSR into an electric car using Trexa’s electric car platform? The Starting Block is estimated to cost around $15,999. 0-60 in 8 seconds, 4 hour charge time to travel 105miles.

It looks like it will have 3 sizes 64″, 80″ and 96″. That probably won’t work with my 120″ wheel base of my SSR so we may have to start from scratch

Check out the Trexa Site and let me know what you think.